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What Stem Cell Infusion Can Bring to The Future of Medicine

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Stem Cells & Beauty

Stem cells have become incredibly popular for their cosmetic uses. This is all because of the regenerative properties of stem cells that can improve aesthetic aspects of the body such as the skin or hair.

Not only can stem cells help to make these areas look as good as ever, but they can do so in a minimally invasive manner that will leave any prospective patient with quick and very satisfying results. Because of all of this and much more, stem cell therapy has exploded in popularity worldwide. Stem cells are changing the healthcare field every day and as the field grows and improves, this will only continue.

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What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are generalized cells in the body that has the ability to turn into specialized cells, needed by the body. This is important for healthy people but is especially urgent and critical in cases where a person is suffering from a serious disease, which in most cases - a patient has stopped making a particular type of cell that the body needs or is making the cells badly.

Just like - cancer, where the body creates unhealthy cells growing out of control. In many cases, doctors fight this deadly disease through the time-tested combination of:  surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Most of the time, these treatments leave the body so weak that even with its cancer gone, it is unable to replace the lost cells. This is the case with leukemia and other maladies affecting blood and bone marrow.

Stem cell therapy helps the body rebuild other tissues in these cases, also responding to traumatic injury or non-cancerous ailments (like heart disease) where surgery and other methods cannot.

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Stem Cell Infusion Versus Injection: What is the Difference?

Doctors deliver stem cell therapy in one of two ways, either through stem cell infusion or injection.

Injection: as the name suggests, involves putting prepared stem cells into a needle and injecting them at the site of damaged or afflicted area. Stem cell injections are when stem cells are placed directly at a specific part of the body. For instance, if a patient was suffering from knee pain, they may undergo stem cell injections. In this case, the stem cell treatment would be applied directly to the knee of the patient in need and are often used in joint disorders to help rebuild cartilage. While this direct method can be highly effective toward acute needs, if a patient needs treatment on a larger scale, then stem cell infusions may be a preferable option.

Infusion: in which the patient receives prepared stem cells through an IV drip (short for- Intravenous therapy is a medical technique that delivers fluids, medications, and nutrition directly into a person's vein through a small tube called a catheter). This way, the cells go straight into the bloodstream, where they get to work repairing damaged blood cells or burrowing into bone marrow and repairing the tissue there. This treatment often takes less than 2 hours, after which the patient can go home.

The most beneficial part of a stem cell infusion is that these stem cells continue to live in the bloodstream and watch or “police” against the disease long into the future. Patients who receive transfusions typically do not need to receive them again. The infusions also help produce more of the specific cells needed to keep the body healthy for life.

Infusions of Stem Cells rejuvenates and regenerates the body as this process allows for the body to be healed from the inside out. While you may only need it for one specific treatment, it still can offer numerous benefits on top of the treatment it provides.

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Alkawellness offers prospective patients amazing care that may be able to help with whatever condition a patient is suffering from. Stem cell therapy can be used to help a patient in ways that other forms of medical care cannot. It provides many benefits as an alternative form of care and can allow patients to treat their conditions and illnesses in many new ways.


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